The Different Hues of Nature

a poem by Mary Mathew

The world was a picture-perfect day
Painted by the hands of The Divine Artist.
The canvas was filled with hues of colour.
Each colour was a vow, a prayer by Christ
For the pleasure of mankind to stay.

The world that I entered is a holy shrine
Where I felt like a newly married bride.
Everything I saw and felt was anew
And was as pure as the morning dew.

Nature hailed me with colours of spring.
Flowers displayed myriads of colour,
Roses that were for a future so rosy,
Violets that were so blue in despair.
On it was the abode of the butterflies
Each displaying their colorful gowns,
An image of contrast in beauty or in vanity.

Soon rushed in- the twin of the butterfly,
The buzzing bee that was competing
For a place in the heart of the flower.
Honey of pure golden colour
Was dripping from the flower on the bee’s wing.

The action of living things continues
For the strokes of The Almighty never ends.
His artistry is in the blue sky, in the green grass
That is sprinkled with the morning dew’s kiss.