Bold Black

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Black Dahlia, lily, rose, cosmos, tulip, pansy,
Attract more than multi-colored flower-fancy…

Black – an amalgamation of colors many,
Has lots of rainbows hidden, within its belly!

Symbol of strength, wealth, elegance, intelligence;
Death, decay, and unknown too is black resilience!

Color Black can courageously stand up and say:
I help you, colors, to stand out and stably stay!

Blackness covered all before God’s new creations,
Death and devil too are black-power foundations.

Humans need not cling to fairness or goldenness,
God has dwelling also in good-willed dark boldness.

Orange, yellow, green – cannot avoid indigo,
If Rainbow avoids black where will VIBGEOR go?

Applauding all colors is a human response,
Avoiding any, simply, is impuissance!