Vet Elmer and his stupid joke

a poem by Jayati

Unable to possess
Beautiful Indian woman
Sheer frustration…
The jilted lover, foreign
Make a film.
Nitwit revenge
Pipe dream.
Make her dance
And sing
Bombay style.
Big deal
As if she was born
To clean dirty souls
Their homes;
The very clean looking’s;
Incorrigible, self important,
walk talk, boastful.
In towns,
airports, go downs
pretending to amuse.
Never mind, she thought
At least the hurt guy
Could busy nurse
His wounds,
His tears dry;
At her cost
His bread earn;
Through her doors
Try for heaven
She had no regrets.
This was her donation
For charity!

This is all about
the betrayed German Devdas
who did not hit the bottle to forget
his lover but the jackpot
and mint money. Not bad.
Everything is fare in love and war!
After all.