Identity Crisis

a poem by Samrajni Ganguly

Each one of us, when we are born
Tries to estimate his fate
Some of us take our steps early
And some of us focus very late.

We try to rate ourselves
And wonder what we want to be
But I could never think about my future
‘coz that chance was never offered to me.

In my heart I knew I could be someone
Someone I really wanted to be
But yes today, I am someone
Someone who was never that me.

This wasn’t a dream, that was not to be true
Nor was it a castle built in air
My borders of prohibition, fenced so small a space
that even my both feet couldn’t share.

Now I know, what was in my destiny
The destiny that was for so long unseen
And I’m going to fathom the gulf separating
What I am and what I could have been.