Om Namoh Pokemonaya Namah

a poem by Madhu Nambudiri

I listened open mouthed at my grandma,
As she weaved those fantastic stories
Of the exploits of the many Gods who
Adorned the leaves of the grand epics.
The whirr as Krishna threw his Sudarshana,
The twang of Arjuna’s feared Gandiva,
How Shiva threw fire from his eye, and
The mountain lifting strength of Hanuman.

Now Ash throws his Pokemon ball,
And Pikachhoo hurls his thunder shock,
Harry Porter flies on aerodynamic brooms,
And Popeye’s strength knows no bounds.
The Gods of yesteryears are outdated,
Their exploits puny to these modern Gods.
My kid would be happier far, to chant
Om Namoh Pokemonaya Namah.