Poems by
Madhu Nambudiri


a poem by Madhu Nambudiri

Fill! Fill! Fill! Fill the mind
With the information of the goings on,
Why, where what, who, when, and
How the world is going on?

Why did Sam go after Saddam?
Where did Laloo stash his millions?
What is the currency of Mongolia?
Who wrote ‘The Knowledge Ocean’?

When did Askoka kick the bucket?
How did the UTI fiasco happen?
So much information in this world,
To be devoured and stashed in the mind.

I saw and devoured, and saw more,
I devoured more and could see no end.
Back to front and inside out, I knew
Shares, music, history, and trivia.

But the other guy knew about the stars.
When the talk turned to Astronomy,
I felt small, and I devoured more
To cover up my insecure feeling.

To become secure, I proclaimed aloud
The information I possess is important.
If you want to climb the corporate ladder,
And want to be successful, Fill!, Fill! Fill!

One day into my dreams, came the Almighty
Asked me the meaning of ‘concatenation’
Phut came my answer ‘a chain of!’
And God smiled, and said ‘thanks’.

My ego was taking off, that I knew
What God knew not, but then I landed,
Hey, isn’t HE supposed to be the All-knowing?
Isn’t HE supposed to know everything?

I picked up my Reliance, and dialed HIM,
Why do you ask me, O Gracious One?
Aren’t YOU supposed to be the All-knowing?
Aren’t YOU supposed to know everything?

I had the choice of the click of the mouse,
And asking you, my dear encyclopedia,
Google searching takes too much time.
Why log on when you are handy?

You are user friendly, my dear friend,
You come up with answers real fast.
You have an excellent search engine,
Despite heaps of unnecessary information.

If the so important information, I possess
Is so insignificant and useless, I need
To know the essence of true knowledge
‘So, what do YOU fill YOUR mind with?’

Oh, I keep my mind empty of everything,
So that I cease to ruminate and think,
So that I can be the birds when they sing,
So that I can be the sunshine on the dewdrops.

So that I can be the smell of the flowers,
So that I can be the whisper of the brook,
So that I can relax and just do nothing,
And I can laugh at the stupidity of.