It hurts a little…

a poem by Priyadarshini

This poem is about a girl (11-12 years old)
who has really struggled to live in this world.
Just at one glance I could understand all her pains.
The title is contrary to the poem because it hurts just not a little but a lot.

Once I saw a girl,
who doesn’t know her future.
With her little sister in arms,
searching food for both.

She too has dreams,
which may come true.
She doesn’t have any one to care,
with whom her feelings can be shared.

She works day and night,
with an empty stomach.
Will this flower,
ever get a blessing shower?

Her glittering eyes,
told something
her silent lips,
murmured many things.

She was standing beside the window,
bearing all her pricking pains.
I gave a glance at her,
and could understand her needs.

But all I could give her was sympathy,
she smiled hiding her pains.
Will she get a better future?
all remains a QUESTION.