When not to duck

a poem by Prashanth Sriram

In a tough, tough world,
Where if you stop to gaze,
You will be steamrollered;
You take a moment to laze,
And you will be left in the dust.

But what is even worse,
Is that you will be knocked down
Unless you are careful;
And you will look like a clown
Unless you know when to duck.

Be watchful and wary,
So when someone takes a swing,
You can get out of the way.
But the more important thing,
Is to know when not to.

Sometimes you should take a blow,
And also show the other cheek,
When it is from a friend,
And good will is what you seek.
So why create more friction?

Some things are worth more
Than that pain that comes
From not hitting back.
But in the end your heart hums
The tune of happiness.