Moon and the Child

a poem by Puneet Sabharwal

I asked the moon ‘why are u so alone’
He replied ‘yeah, I’m alone, I’m alone for you
So that u don’t think, u are the only one living alone’

‘Then why haven’t u called me from ages’
‘I haven’t call u, bcoz it’s good to see the changes’

I’ve seen it all,
Seen u on bed from where u fall.
Seen u on ground where u used to crawl.
Seen u fighting for the same old ball.
Seen u playing till your mother doesn’t call.

I’ve seen u cry,
Cry for the fear u had.
Cry for the scolding u get.
Cry for not getting what u want.
Cry for someone, when he was gone.

I’ve seen u happy,
When u got your robo man.
When u gave your dream a name.
When u saw the sun go down.
When u ran in the rain, going insane.

I’ve seen u scared,
From that old man down the corner.
From the shadows, those were in your imaginations.
From your mom when u used to lie.
From the thunder, when u used to run and hide.

I’ve seen u angry,
With your friends, bcoz u thought they cheated.
With your teachers, for the punishments they gave.
With yourself, when u blamed it all to u.
With God for taking all u want.

I’ve seen u there,
Where u used to run when u thought nobody care.
Where there was only u, with your dreams.
Where u thought you’ll find that someone who’ll stay.
Where, u found thy self.

So now u know it wasn’t just u, it was me with u!