Universal Truth

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Wound on the back of the rich
Made known to public with pomp, so much!
Marriage ceremony in the house of the poor
Not known to the neighbor next door!

Crocodile while in water
Kills even the elephant like a true fighter;
Out of water and crawling on the ground,
Faces defeat and death
By a street dog, no doubt!
Strength it is of its position,
But not its real strength!

Small stone in our boots,
An insect in the ear,
Particle of dust in the eye,
Thorn in the foot,
Problem in the domestic front
Causes pain unbearable and brunt!

When in trouble and in a place unknown,
Pomp and show turns bitter,
It matters little
though you are simple;
Is not a big mountain small in a mirror?

Source : Vemana Sathakam (Telugu)