The Lion and the Lamb

a poem by Vikash

I get up; slowly
my thoughts are derailed
as I push aside the train of consequences.
There is no turning back now.

My thoughts are laboured,
a hole in my heart,
a hole in my mind?
My head starts to spin.

Eruption of conviction
and my stomach knots.
The fragmentation of mobility
fuels the bonfire of the quest.

An eternity flows as I stroll up to her.
A river of words
collides with a pool of images.
Constructing the sentences, I prepare myself to expel.

Slow, deep breaths
Focus, concentrate.
Here and now… Steady steps
Focus… concentrate

Almost there.
Fragrance assaults my senses
and I feel
the stench of anticipation.

My searching eyes
settle upon your face
and my facial muscles
are perched for their calculated movement.

tangled and tormenting,
“Pardon me”
and I walk on, away…