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a poem by Vikash

The raindrops caressingly beat down
Upon me as the thunder roars
Across the sky once again,
While the lightning
Lightens my path.

Into shelter I walk,
Alone again…

I glance at my feet,
At the procession of mud
That lies in wake of me…
In wake of my entrance.
I slip back to the past…

Her laughter fills the rooms,
Her footsteps echo all over my world.
She smiles and laughs,
Though soaked by the storm,
She stamps and plays.

Her little steps leave behind
An orchestra of mud prints,
Her laughter…
To my ears-
Together they create a melody
That enhances my life.

She jumps,
Creating pools,
She laughs
As I smile and walk towards her.

Thunder roars viciously
And the crater of silence returns.

Not from the little feet of my daughter,
Not from my haunting memories.
Mud, from my feet,
From my lonely footsteps
That are still bleeding from the loss
Of my daughter.

Lightning crashes
And I feel a coldness
Rise up my legs.
I feel the mud enshroud me
With raging waves of loss
As I see my daughter lie before me…

No longer a part of my world,
She is gone,
Leaving me alone
In the cold mud
That eats away my existence.

More and more mud.
Wonderful, joyful…
Haunting and painful.
Is all that is left,
And all that keeps coming back
To me.