a poem by Madhu Nambudiri

When in my vegetarian mood,
I frown upon the meat eaters,
Can’t they appreciate the
Importance of the animal’s life?
Times when I devour meat
I consider vegetarians inferior,
Don’t they have the guts to
Break out of the family norms.

On the mornings that I jog,
I think of the non exercisers,
Don’t they understand that
Being healthy is so important.
Those days that I laze in bed,
I spy the joggers at their toil,
Don’t they understand that,
Their body is just an illusion.

Why is that I need to find
Outlandish reasons every time
To feel superior to anyone, who
I find doing something different?
I wish there would be a day
When I would not rationalize,
And would be able to get
Tickled by my stupid reasons.