Poems by
Vishal Sharma

Range of a bullet

a poem by Vishal Sharma

What is a range of the bullet?
If it is fired from a point, will it be back?
From other hand, from other hand
Destiny will do within that gun, hack

Guns may have options
Roses may be served
They say welcome to the world
The world in which gun resides

Chunks of shells, smell of powder
Are you who created those hands, my lord?
Are you the one who taught them?
To kill, to live

My land has seen a lot of bloodshed
Twelve to twelve, it flows on frontiers
Soldiers of my land
Know who are dear and who are the bears

Range of a bullet may be so far
Still it cant defeat the smell of roses
It can be a suit of a man
It can be a show of houses

Throw away the guns, as why you need them?,
Free away the doves, as why you feed them?
Love those hearts, why you bleed them,
Of there is a life, why guns, why we need them?