Poems by
Thangameenakshi R

Never had good as old

a poem by Thangameenakshi R

What a time, what a way of life,
Still bouncing back are my memories in the wake of stride,
Knowing not what to do, I hover over my thoughts
To find the days when there was no seek and hide!

Why should I grow, is what I have not understood,
For I always thought I got what I could,

No, nobody has ever been so merciful and blessed,
The days I spent in my old house with which I am always obsessed.

Could you ‘guys’ take back this life in exchange for the cold breeze I felt in my past,
I would give much more than I thought for this if you said me the cost.

Oh!common, not again a poem on the nostalgic dreams, said everyone,
Even though they all were wanting to live again and again but did not agree to one.

The fresh greenery I imagine and feel all the time or may be when I am immersed,
Could anyone take out this thought from my mind with some new technology I asked!

Nobody came forward, for they understood what I felt,
Cause, it was the same feeling and thoughts that made them quite interested!