Poems by
Swosti Prakash Sarangi

The Vibrant Ugliness of Life

a poem by Swosti Prakash Sarangi

It’s not going to be easy,
Nor was it meant to be.
But don’t let your dreams die
Under the thatches of mediocrity.

You might be exposed to a lot of ugliness,
And your life might be pervaded by a sense of emptiness,
But don’t let it resist your soul
From reaching the kingdom of happiness.

Your life may be filled with difficulties
And your soul lacking the very sense of vitality.
But don’t let them defeat you
With your sheer ignorance and unconditional sensibilities.

Your failures may outnumber your prosperity
And you might be failing to address any of your difficulties.
But don’t let that make you doubt yourself
And estrange you from your wondrous abilities.