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Mahendar Singh Dhoni

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

Mahendar Singh Dhoni
I have seen him come as a simple wicket keeper
But very soon became a star cricketer
I have seen him as coming up with a long hair
But very soon became a symbol of captain chair
I have seen him as a India’s growing cricketer
But very soon became all Indian’s favorite cricketer

Mahender Singh Dhoni
His skills and strength’s are recognised by Sachin Tendulkar
His simplicity and calmness observed by Sachin Tendulakar
His support to the team, secular towards the sport
Made him to become as Indian cricket team captain
Mahendar Singh Dhoni, very soon became as
Many million hearts dwani

Indian cricket team captain
Mahendar Singh Dhoni very soon made
India as the World T-20 cricket team captain
Never looked back Mr. M.S.Dhoni
Became as many million hearts dwani, M.S.Dhoni

It didn’t take much time him to make every Indian dream possible
The most awaited world cup has won by Mr. M.S.Dhoni as captain made every Indian up
In the world cricket history
We still remember the hands along with the bat hitting the helicopter shot
Which has hit millions of Indian hearts
M.S.Dhoni became as many million Indian hearts dwani

We remember your every knock
Played at different clock

Truly, you made us proud
Madly we shout as loud
Thank you, thank you, Mr.M.S.Dhoni for your wonderful services to India

As long as cricket flows in the hearts
M.S.Dhoni’s strikes stays in every heart
As long as Indian cricket flows as river
M.S.Dhoni will be remembered as the power