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My master, beloved big master, Dr. J. S. Paranjyothi

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

Dr. J. S. Paranjyothi
Beloved big master
Telangana state school education beauty
Education policies creating is his duty
Education policies effective implementation is his daily life’s activity
Innovative, creative thinking is his capacity
Student’s success is his celebrating party

Dr. J. S. Paranjyothi
Never ever does his teaching as just a duty
Never ever does education as financial lobby
Irrespective of his moody’s, his teachings are finest beauty’s

Dr. J. S. Paranjyothi
My school teacher
Some student’s protective care taker
Many student’s carrier director, creative mind’s maker
Many student’s multi skill detector, developer
One and only care taker, teacher
Oasis Public School, head Master
Our beloved big master

Dr. J. S. Paranjyothi
Inter state school education master blaster
New curriculum creator, effective implementer
Poor performance student’s protector
Education lover, evergreen inspiration
Our beloved master, big master

Dr. J. S. Paranjyothi
Oasis Public School, big master
Mind blowing teacher
Mesmerising life mentor
Many parent’s trusted tutor
Good and great, godly master
Our loving master, big master

Dr. J. S. Paranjyothi
A man who started his carrier humbly
But became as district’s school education king
His ideas are intellectual
His heart is honest at teaching
His soul is secular, strict in delivering
His thoughts are terrific
His timings are perfect
Passion towards his profession is his protection
His teachings doesn’t have any error detection, nor grammar correction
Arts, sports is his strength
Yoga is his wealth, gives him good health

Dr. J. S. Paranjyothi
He is none other than one and only master
Our beloved big master
Oasis Public School, head master