Poems by
Swetaparna Nayak

A desire so dark

a poem by Swetaparna Nayak

Darkness was his desire,
But light his desperation.
The slave of dark,
Sought solace in light.

The loud but content pain,
Had a sudden shower of miracle.

Glided in a damsel,
Whom distress failed to touch.
Serene and beautiful,
A completion of compassion.
Partnered with a fiery glow,
Which darkness feared to come across.

She was his light,
His savior in doom.
She filled up his scars,
With touches of love.

But an ever lasting hitch,
Slipped past her.

Those scars of the past,
Were what he adored.
Upon not finding them,
He found himself shattered.

With an excruciating walk down the memory lane,
He carved them fresh again.
Darkness won it’s way back,
With a happy reunion of past and pain.