Poems by
Suresh Menon

Inner Beauty

a poem by Suresh Menon

What’s there in our complexion?
All this is only our mere perception.
Any race or colour, we all are human,
For colour of our skin is born with us.

Never hurt any man, woman or child,
Learn to respect, consider everyone.
There is no white, no black or brown,
All are human, never make others let down.

We are none to hate, judge or discriminate,
It’s all genetics, we all born to Godly mother.
Never be with a colourless mind and heart,
None is superior or inferior, we all are equal.

It is our inner beauty which is honestly pure,
It makes you or me to be loved, renowned!
Beauty, brain never can’t win over anyone,
Inner beauty, embodies us as real humans.

* * * * * * *

(“All men are created equal”, we articulate in our constitutions.
The overt lack of respect towards each other on the name of skin colour
Has not ended till date.)