Eye Contact

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

Along the busy streets due north,
resides a small bakery
where serves a charming young lady
who’s pretty from bottom to top.

A gracious smile enhance
the sweetness of her delicious cakes;
she adds the essence of her love in them
to customers for whom she bakes.

The shiny kitchen seems alive
with every morning she enters.
Tired, she gaze out through a window
the artistic work of painters.

For several years she worked alone,
unmarried and single;
her eyes always looked out for
some handsome men to mingle.

She went on dates every evening
with some or the other guy –
finding who’s the perfect one,
her only dream boy.

Days passed one by one,
then it was monsoon.
She said desperately to herself,
“I need to find him soon.”

She rushed out to the weekly market,
every Thursday, to grab some food-
apples, peaches, grapes and berries
with saffron and sandalwood.

Collecting everything in a cloth bag, one day,
she turned around to walk home.
Accidently, she ended up knocking down
a kind gentleman from uptown.

Apologizing for her mistake,
she lend him her delicate hand.
Smiling, he stood up once again,
“It’s OK. Take it back.”

They talked for a while
about their family and profession,
unknowingly, revealing out their loneliness
to each other without any hesitation.

She had one of her dreams
right infront at her sight;
but she was just left helpless
before the advancing time’s might.

He checked his wristwatch
and wore his jetblack suit;
asking her permission to depart,
he bid goodbye with a warm heart.

Beseated in a woody wagon,
he drove away to vain.
She could hardly catch his glimpse,
though ‘pink fever’ had began.