Poems by
Shradha Agarwal

Deep in the Woods

a poem by Shradha Agarwal

The velvety sky,
The glimmering stars,
The trees casting shadows,
The moon lit to its full potential,
A lovely place for us,
Only for us…

Hand in Hand,
Treading the shadows of the tree,
The river gurgling down its way,
The moon lighting our path,
We are walking…

There is an eerie silence,
Yet the silence between us,
Is filled with love and understanding,
Penetrating our thoughts,
Revealing our depths of love,
An eternity of love…

Walking down the path,
Your touch soothes me,
Your words calm me,
Every sense is singing,
Tingling with your lingering and balming touch…

Our silence growing weak,
With the moon growing dim,
We are struggling to find words,
Words suppressed inside us,
Now urging to express,
Startled, I turned towards him,
Meeting his eyes,
And before I could say anything,
He tells which my ears were waiting for,
I Love You,
Tears welled up in my eyes, and
All I could say is,
I Love You too.