Poems by
Shradha Agarwal

Thank You:) :)

a poem by Shradha Agarwal

Thank You for being there,
For supporting me completely,
For understanding me and
Tolerating all my nonsense and me.

I am glad to have met You,
In this journey of life,
Wherever I am,
I will always be there for You.

These years were great,
With You and I hope,
That a fairy tale,
Awaits You.

I am sorry for hurting You,
I am sorry for the tears,
And broken dreams,
But may be, a much
Beautiful journey lies ahead.

Thank You for being my strength,
For a shoulder to cry on,
And all the encouragement and
Support and Love.

You are an amazing person with an amazing heart,
And beautiful things are in store for You.