Poems by
Saumya Verma


a poem by Saumya Verma

Her mind wanders late at night,
Remembering the taste of everything she had in front of her sight.
Red, blue, black and green,
Were all the colours she would ever dream.
She was that drop most,
Which no one wants to disturb,
Stuble in nature yet fierce overall.
She would take all your darkness,
To show you the worth of light.
Life wasn’t easy,
But worth the fight.
She didn’t like flowers,
Yet adored the beauty with all of her heart.
And she stood so proud,
With all her flaws no doubt.
Because she had something to go for,
Maybe others didn’t see it,
But in her eyes it was worth all.
Cause no matter how long was the path,
She could fly nonstop