Poems by
Sanjana .


a poem by Sanjana .

She cried. She yelled. She sobbed.
Nobody was there
To listen to her torment.
Nobody could hear the voice
Of her slaughtered spirit.
Lying beside the wall was her naked body
Which they most coveted.
Lying beneath the body was her naked soul
Which they most dreaded.
She felt terror.
Her mind blew with anger.
She was broken.
She was blank, she was obscured.
She feared everyone.
She wanted to kill, or to be killed.
She was numb. Her tears dried out.
Her heart, her mind – they didn’t respond.
Cruelty, they claimed, a mistake
Abusing, they felt, a pleasure
They torn a part of her
They sucked out life of her
In her blood, they left her
In the most vulnerable state.
They moved away
With no mark of guilt
What remained on their brazen faces
Was a blatant glee of brutality
Though they failed in humanity.