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Girls Problem

a poem by Riya Chaudhary

It’s not about Pain
But what do we gain
Irritation, Frustration
Tension or Anxiety
Feeling of Nausea
Then we behave in Sobriety

Every month it feels like
It has happened for the first time
But others think
We are habitual of it
What is the big deal

Let me tell you the trauma
As it is not a melodrama

Routine Breaks
Tension takes place
Loss of appetite
No sleep in night
Nightmares before date
Can you relate?
That’s a Girl fate

Let me explain you the title
I am talking about Menstrual cycle

Hormonal Imbalance
A 5 day challenge
But sometimes it’s not only 5 days
Days can be more
It is very hectic
We cannot ignore

We cannot ignore
Our mood swings
Our mood swings
As it begins
This was a Glimpse
Of what Girls think