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A mother’s voice

a poem by Samiksha

With intension and with a choice,
They made up their minds
And finally decided to have a baby.

God seemed unfortunate to them,
The society went blind.
All cursed that mother, who just gave birth to a girl child.

The conservative family,
And the devil society
All blamed her,
For the decision made by the almighty.

That mother suffered and bitterly cried
She had never knew that,
For her baby girl, the world will be soo wild.

But she was a warrior,
Valiants never remain quiet
Ultimately she stood for her angel and decided to fight.

People thought
Just a lady she is
Suppressing her will be light.

Society underestimated her, and their thought went wrong
For her girl,
She can become even a heavy storm.
Her power was sufficient to break all the boundaries and norms.

The more injustice she faced,
The more she let her inner fire ignite.
Without fearing and sitting aside
That mother sweared,
To make her girl’s life bright.