Poems by
Saiprakash Kuntamukkala

I am a Tribal Child

a poem by Saiprakash Kuntamukkala

I have my feet firmly planted
On the ground I was born
No operation theaters nor the OT lights
A far flung hut only me, my mother and the midwife
A blunt blade, hot water and piece of cloth to wipe
I did survive
Hanging on my mother’s back
Yet times fed from front
I saw my mother and nature alike
I swayed in the swing hanging from the branch of tamarind
Not pushed by any but the
Forest gale
My eyes wide open looking
Through the fruit and leaf
At the clear blue sky
My crawling back and forth on a well cured floor
Made my knees turn soar
Still I mastered my movements on all fours
First steps of mine well greeted in my unscripted language
Brought in cheer to me and my parents
I stepped outside on my own
Seeing the expanse green everywhere
A twig here, a leaf there, I brought home to my parents cheer
They did declare
You are no longer a child