Poems by
Raghuveera Kamath

Cry of the Corona

a poem by Raghuveera Kamath

O God, why am I made to travel freely?
Why am I killed in my primary source destination?
Don’t have the right to be carried away to my final destination?
Am I not considered to be best fit on this lovely earth?

A father, a brother, a mother, a granny
And most importantly an innocent is killed.
All think I am responsible for this brutal mortality.
But I think, I am thousand times better than this greedy human fidelity.

So, Stop killing me,
And stop breaking the chain of my Fusion and Fission,
Because I have the right to spread with a mission,
And I am created by the Chinese God of Inhumanity!
The world would one day see me as role model,
For the blame in which humans have destroyed the nature level,
As I am destined to teach the world about Humanity and Integrity!