Poems by
Priyanka Mahanta

2020: A Curse or a Lesson

a poem by Priyanka Mahanta

A cursed year popped up
Amid the milestone of development.
‘We can sway the whole world
With our precious brains’,
Hunched a bunch of earthlings;
When appeared a sand like creature
Turning everything into vain.
We’ve crossed millennia,
But have lost the meaning of peace.

At one side people are brawling
Over caste, creed and race;
On the other side they are destroying
The Mother Nature at an ultimate pace.
This is her giving us a chance
To be kind
Offer every living creature
A warm embrace.

So let’s grab this opportunity,
Let’s just hold our hands,
And stand for what we stand on;
To make this world a better place.
We have one life to live,
And to make our future generations believe,
That we can fly up high
In the sky,
Without letting anyone pay the price.