Poems by
Prerna Dedhia

A Poem with the Lockdown

a poem by Prerna Dedhia

Sitting on the swing by the window
Looking over the giant tree outside,
I pause to think and wonder
At how this new phase unfolds in life…

It’s been a crazy month lately
And they say it’ll only get crazier,
With the disease strengthening its hold
And the doctors getting busier…

Fear has become our unwanted neighbour
Relentlessly keeps dropping by,
With the numbers of new cases and deaths
And with the markets scarily running dry!

I would hear of the stories of the crisis
Checking the latest statistics each day,
With the loss of life, unemployment and poverty,
“It’s a dreadful disaster!”, they say.

After a few days of keeping up with the news
Thinking it’s more important now than ever,
I decided to take a break for my sanity
And go on a ‘News-Upvaas’ and do myself a favour.

I was also determined, as always,
To find the blessing in disguise…
And so, I started on my ‘Silver Lining’ spree
And there were so many blessings to find!

The first blessing was reminded by the birds
Sitting on this tree, their chirping growing louder
There was also the tree that now looked greener,
And the sky seemed bluer, the air felt lighter…

The noisy roads now are of course quieter.
And without humans to disturb its peace…
It feels like nature, too, can breathe again,
They say, the dolphins now seem happier in the seas…

Dwelling in this happy universe
I too begin to do what makes me happy,
I read and write and dance and meditate
Do all the things that make me ‘me’…

I also smile more and laugh a little louder
Be grateful more often and say ‘Thank you’,
‘Cause especially in messy times like these,
To uplift the world, we must all do what we can do…

It’s weird how times like these
Make you question everything,
About the impermanence of life
About death… and its certainty…

And suddenly, you become a believer of prayer
A believer of the kindness of humanity,
You see what a blessing it is to go for a simple walk
To go out for a picnic or movie with family…

You see the ones serving the nation
In these hard times with all their bravery,
The doctors, the bankers, the police, the workers,
Despite their religion, caste or creed…

You see that adversity indeed brings us closer
When humans help fellow humans selflessly,
You see that a nation can glow up with light
Or ring bells and clap together, as a sign of unity…

But as we take precautions and stay at home
I wish we’ll look within and deep,
To understand and appreciate the meaning of life
While we pray for the world to heal…

I wish that at the end of this
We’ll see each place a kinder, happier town…
I wish that we’ll make the best of this chance
I wish we ‘Open-Up’ in this ‘Lock-Down’.