Poems by Patricia Dsouza

About Patricia Dsouza

A Philanthropist ||Exe. Director & Trustee-DMSCT(Non-profitable Trust) ||Cofounder- Innerpower Training Academy ||Writer ||Poet ||Speaker

Your World

a poem by Patricia Dsouza

Take me into your world,
Where deepest pain is all curled!

All that appears from out of the mist,
Even as you resist.

Gentle hearts too fear.
But I will never fail of my purpose here.

Found You

a poem by Patricia Dsouza

Where can I find a rare diamond like you?
You picked me up from the muddy stew

You raised my head and taught me to walk
The road that is full of thorny rue

You hold my hand in midst of storm
And kept me away safe and warm

For this I want to thank you aloud
And allow every drop of rain to gush through the cloud


a poem by Patricia Dsouza

Childhood is precious!
That’s what they say;
Many want to relive it every day.

When I look back at the shadows of the night;
My soul trembled and my heart remembered that awful SIGHT!

My helplessness is what I blame;
But why didn’t anyone understand my SHAME?

Now I look beyond those shadows, running wild;
So that I can save another soul who is just a CHILD!

So that I can save another soul who is just a CHILD!

(In tribute of Child abuse)

Have you been there

a poem by Patricia Dsouza

Have you been there?
Where I have been
Have you lived in fear?
Surrounded with pain and tear

I hear someone say – Love conquers is all

I wonder, was love really shown across?
Was anyone there to see my loss?
I have been in a grip for a while
Darkness surrounded me

Yes, I just wanted me to be FREE……
Never knew what that meant to be
But today is the day and now is the time
Tears of pain, in the age of crime

Now as the scales on my eyes fell dry
Free at last, as I turn and fly