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a poem by Vedant Patil

The hollow’s abide the path of colour
Colours constricts the face of gray
Yet lies the only thing that hinders your face
Dark and light the shades of life come together and even bounding abide.
Thus lies the silhouette

She uttered her silence with her hair across my face
She muted my tone with a beautiful trace
Lights running across her face neither a glimpse nor a stance
The only thing we share was comfortable silence
And yet present above the comfort was a silhouette

My shoulders caryating her sleepy head
Cautious and calm
With winds rushing across her hair and her fragrance across the campus
And it felt like eternity stopping time
Am I now
Am I here
Am I this
Am I keen
Am I me
And no the answer was, drifting away from my own self, all to blame were her eyes.
Cause yet their only was the silhouette.

I very well knew that this time was short
Comfort apart, hollow’s abide and colours away
The gray-scale slightly vanished off her face as the we moved into the light.
So might have this ended,
She stepped down and started walking away
Stopped for a moment turned to smile at me
And before I got smear through, to cherish the moment
She was gone
All happened in a moment and it spoke a story of eternity
When I close my eyes the only thing I see is her silhouette.