Poems by
Nivethitha Jeyaprakash


a poem by Nivethitha Jeyaprakash

I am a teen
Who doesn’t look similar to a fifteen
I am neither an introvert nor an extrovert
Maybe the one who have nobody to flirt
I am a wild town girl
Who likes to give it a whirl
I am an avid outdoorsy
Who receives ample contrary comments for not being an indoorsy
I am a soul who is proud of being misfit
Also the one who tries to fit in her outfit
I am an ardent observer
Who spends most of her time in wonder
I am a budding bibliophile and a dentrophile
Who believes that she is a versatile
I emerge from a middle class family
Which does not forbid my insanity
I think beyond my age
As well as the one who holds the fear to be onstage
I have an unquenchable appetite for life which is glued with nature
Plus the one who have ample silly stories of her little adventure
I barely mix with my peers
Because they find me way more tedious
I believe that I am quite good at bursting jokes
And the one who likes to hear the story of every fellow folks