Poems by
Niraj Kumar

Princess Holly

a poem by Niraj Kumar

Shri Ganeshaya Namah

Vishnu may protect us all,
On this blue night, moon rays fall,
Spring casts a magic spell,
Beasts wear a sweet smell,
The coast of Sundaland a-glitter
Such moments one ought not to fritter,
Said the sakhi of Princess Holly

Of the realm, the king’s sister:
Shut up, or you rue your folly
Ouch, aah, then gentle titter,
Thus the moments they did fritter.

Who is that handsome winsome
Such a built, look, no guilt
Or shame, I just get drawn to him,
Surely falling, it’s no whim,
Go find out, who is this blue cloud
Wrapped in a yellow shimmering shroud

Breathless, sakhi comes, speaks, barely,
Oh, if I die, I blame you squarely,
For he is the boar man,
Who killed your uncle, who else can
Ride that beast, and bother least,
Poor Hren-Aks, the terror of the coast

Your brother, the great Hren-Khachip, all boast
Was more taken aback than furious
And I am sure, was also curious,
About the alien group that came ashore
Our Sundaland, to just explore?

Oh, and friends they became very soon
Like the ocean and the moon,
This blue cloud man and his mean band
Of tough sailors and many a boat hand
Were to protect the Sunda strait,
And would be paid at a handsome rate,
Plus they could make a few hutments,
By the sea, with their family, the gents
Could also farm, and trade in peace
With Jambudweep, Mitanni, and Greece.

Well, the blossoming happened fast
The magic spell was cast,
The blue cloud man got Holly’s hand
There were celebrations among the alien band,
As Holly went to live in their quarters,
The men got busy in protecting the waters.

All was well till the rumors started
The disgruntled commanders,
Totally outsmarted,
Seething in rage,
That the blue people, were such a craze.

Rumour was that the Prince, or phra–lad,
Was too friendly with the aliens, which was bad
For they were plotting to overthrow the king,
And take the throne, and then everything.

The dear prince or phra-lad was gentle
Soft-spoken and sentimental.
He was friends with Holly-ka husband
The old king did misunderstand.

Blinded by this new found vision
Hren made a most awful decision,
Sent the blue people out to the sea
To rescue a ship, was his false plea,
Well, simple seamen, high in the ocean,
Noticed smoke line, a bad omen,
Back they sailed, in a hurry, to the shore,
Saw that their hutments stood no more.

As the blue leader, ran in horror,
Hoping that the magic chadar
Of the finely woven asbestos,
Would do the bidding and prevent the loss,
For the magic sheet was the phra-lad’s gift,
Imported from far away Egypt,
So, he ran, to find that the princess,
Lay all burnt, all but a soft moan,
Don’t worry, your two sons are gone,
Safely wrapped in the magic chadar
Find them, and be a gentle father,
Thus under the full moon sky
Princess Holly uttered her last sigh.

This much so far, no more nor less,
I sing tonight, may Lord Vishnu bless.