Poems by
Nicholas Minniti

Woman like the Moon

a poem by Nicholas Minniti

Woman like the moon
The dogs patrolling loose a howl
Pierced your chest with her vicious harpoon
Beauty behind a scowl
A touch of ice even in June
Be careful, tonight she’s on the prowl
Her tendencies a curse
Each night the same, no need to rehearse

Seldom shows her face in the light
Taking little time to find tonight’s bed
Waking up alone, you were only for the night
Waste no words, she doesn’t care what you said
Face shining but smile never bright
Beneath shimmering makeup a heart lost to dread
Her midnight routine
She’s heartless not mean

Moonlit curse a product of pain
The fault of those before
You reach to grasp a ghostly silhouette, struggling amain
A one night stand, there’s nothing in store
Not a trace left, scouring the room in vain
You get what you see don’t ask for more
Singing a different song, a foreign tune
You could never understand a woman like the moon