Poems by
Neha Verma

The Tale of a Twisted Mind

a poem by Neha Verma

As weird as the human mind is
Weirder are the ways it dismantles and recreate,
Longs for love, acceptance, care
And feels trapped when it is there.

For worldly affairs tire it
And realistic problems solved in an imaginative land,
Hurt, betrayal, isolation and despair are now its familiar terrain.

A house inside house exists
Which meets his ideal needs,
Rushes to find solace in there
And disapproves of any actual heeds.

Attached to conscience and detached with world
Holding to a materialistic cord,
The marble exterior, masking the interior battle with its own discord.

The kid was forced to become a man too soon
Or, was there a deficiency of someone to swoon.
Assumptions and presumptions,
All that is left is a gaping wound.
The cut is deep and nobody else but only you could heal,
Let no negativity seep,
In the end you are on life’s driving wheel.
Open up your raw hurt feelings
Not everyone you meet, would lead them to erosion
Reach out to hold a helping hand
Don’t get caged in mind’s dangerous liaisons.