Poems by
Neeta Dandsena

Lockdown and My daughter

a poem by Neeta Dandsena

It breaks my heart and makes me gloom
Without her presence, my home is a loom
The empty room O’ my beautiful moon
Waiting to hear her voice of zoom

Her presence for me is a festive boon
One smile of her is a little buds bloom
Sadness scattered makes me swoon
My heart is longing to see and hoping to croon

Thousands miles apart amid COVID-19 doom
Praying for her every day, night and noon
To fulfill the needs and grant her immune
Stay safe dear, little brave and strong fortune

It makes me worried, but nothing can be a tune
I miss her in my deepest sorrow and vacuum
When will my desperate desire become true?
And may this lockdown ends up soon
O’ Loving God please make this quick opportune

(To My daughter studying abroad and stuck in this Lockdown)