Poems by
Nancy D Cruz'

Marital Rape: A story untold

a poem by Nancy D Cruz'

You deserve to be raped, because you’re my below my ego
A sacrifice that we carry with us everywhere that we go
The pain, the struggle is meant for you to know
The empty voice that screams in discontent, but dare you say no;
You were born to serve me, love me and take care of me

Even if I leave you in a place like hell that people don’t need to see
Your beauty is mine and so is your body
So I am allowed to keep locked inside me
Because it’s not slavery it is a crime to nobody

The vows that I confessed and the promise that I made to you that day
It’s for you my darling, to obey, so don’t feel betrayed
I’m not killing you, burning you, keeping our bed warm everyday
Just teaching you a lesson, if you don’t go my way

The stillness that I see in you every night, your soul stained with hate
It is your fate, to early seen unknown, and known to late
Now put back on your sari, your make up
And bury our little secret that is here to stay

For no one is here to judge, no one is going to complain
Because darling, Marital Rape is not a crime for you to say
It’s a story untold,
A liberty I get for marrying you that day