Poems by
Misti Sarkar


a poem by Misti Sarkar

A girl I am
Just a human being like men
But no rights I ever enjoy
The world put me down with shame
A street at night and a walk on it to refresh my mind
Never thought would disturb me so much and would frustrate me all my life
The country worships me but all the desires surround me
I lived a simple life until this truth struck me
A group of men staring at night, nothing more was this frightening to me
I tried to escape eye contact but the footsteps behind made me scared
Until I started to run and a monster pulled my hair
I shouted a lot but none was there
The other monsters just enjoyed my helplessness
I prayed, I cried, I came down on my knees
I pleaded them so much
But they pounced on me
And I laid there with my eyes still open
I was in my senses but I felt numb
Naked and hurt, I laid there like a dumb
I couldn’t shout, I couldn’t cry
I could just feel the immense pain inside
They left me like that, like a useless toy
I had never felt so shocked, I never felt so ashamed
I was rescued somehow but my life was meaningless
Abandoned from the society
Abandoned by my loved ones
My all respect was in my hole and that respect was all gone.