Poems by
Keshab Mansukhani

Burnt Dreams

a poem by Keshab Mansukhani

Hopelessly born
Blackness oozing from
every dream’s
poring into the being.

Birth marked
shape shifting
to the form of the
order until exhaustion.

Hapless void of
feeling an identity in
the scheme of
things gone awry.

Time both forward
or backward feels
the same kind of
pain of not belonging.

Far from home
where the heart
bleeds seeing empty
stomach this repeated Insult.

Miles the feet
scramble to and fro
between a rock and
hard place to Survive.

But lies and deceit
creep swiftly onto every
path chosen or
not my cross to bear.

Skin now thickened with dirty
labour for which you won’t lift
a finger now that is pointing at
me no more your slave to abuse.

With less I will survive
And thrive where I am loved
not paid so you don’t own
my children will make their own future.