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Family Trip

a poem by Kajal

The family trip, with every member of the family
Dream of again uniting everyone
Dream to forget all the things which were happening
Dream to be in a race that who’ll climb fastest
Dream to be with Mom and Dad
The Dream family trip to Katra

Katra trip because mom is a pious lady and there’s Vaishno Devi
We siblings like cold and mountains
And just a yes of Daddy
And a dream family trip to Katra

There I’ll carry the luggage of mom and dad
And mine my siblings, because mine is heavier
And 2-3 beautiful, energetic but sleepless nights in a hotel
A lot of talks and fights between us without disturbing mom and dad
Then lazy and excited mornings out of the hotel
Start climbing mountains and stairs one by one and seeing the side stalls
And joking with climbing without any pain
Asking mom and dad about some funny anecdotes

That’s the dream family trip to Katra which we started planning
And my dream family trip went without me
But there is hope of visiting again
And once again uniting everyone with The Family