Poems by
Jijo M Johns Dr

Yes I was rude

a poem by Jijo M Johns Dr

I was rude and I know it.
I know there are no valid excuses or justifications,
Most of the times, I fight with you on nonsensical things.
Yet I don’t know why and how you forgive me always.

I feel so bad, for being so rude,
I am so sorry, I did not want to hurt you.
I messed up your mood.
I’m really sorry, that’s genuinely from my heart.

I promised to treat you like my queen,
But I failed every time..
That does not mean I don’t love you
I am trying… And I’m trying my best.

What I am trying to really say is that,
My love for you keeps growing every single day.
We should never, ever ever fight,
I need you,
Not for a week or month…
But… For a lifetime.