Poems by
Inspire Life

Depressed day… Really?

a poem by Inspire Life

Why sad?
You know, we have no control on our fate, this in mind we have to add

Why cry?
When every tear’s drop runs down… the face and gets dry…

If that day was not your day
Then be excited for next day
“Don’t let yourself down” we often say
But it’s okay to cry out heavily on that day

Never be inferior against depression
Just maintain your life in a motion
Doesn’t matter whether it’s uniform or non uniform motion
As fate and future neither be predicted nor brought by donation

Don’t you think…
Life is boring with 100% perfections
Twist and turn are those which give boost to life
All hurdles are like little injections
Which hurt us a little but cure disease in life…

Be happy… be healthy… cause this is what you deserve.