Poems by
Het Patel

Thought of a Messy Syndrome

a poem by Het Patel

Thoughts persuade beneath the dark sky,
Was too quite that I couldn’t cry,
Had a wish to give it a try,
But the things were messed and got fried.
Season of monsoon comes with a breeze,
Some moments in our life is we couldn’t freeze,
I want to be wild again so take me please.
Heart full of pain and sorrow,
Need someone to dig a burrow,
Sow me a seed of happiness, 
And let the rain help it to grow.

Closed eyes but open sight,
God! I am tired of this fight,
In this darkness please show me some light,
Still, I love the darkness of these night.

Enormous vision and stupid soul,
Need to remind when I fall,
Everyone used to learn from stall,
I don’t want to end up in a backstage brawl. 
These quit nights and binary feeling,
Seems like someone is hardly drilling,
Save me! From this killing,
It feels like I am falling from a highest building.