Poems by
Gaurav Raghuvanshu

Attain Unison

a poem by Gaurav Raghuvanshu

My shining mirror is covered by layers of dust,
My pure core is covered by by a worldly crust
My loving heart is ensnared by a lust.
Every door is going outdoor.
To greet the worldly roars.
Flexible bow has become a rigid ego.
My passion is chasing worldly mansion.
Gratitude has become a rude attitude.
My still lake is full of wake.
Mind always remind of the past that is left behind.
Singular is transformed into bipolar.
Still reality has become oscillating duality.
My peace loving field has become a bloody battlefield.
Lost in the glare of worldly ensnare,
Lost my ability to pair.
Worldly distractions,
Has chopped me into fractions.

For my resurrection,
I have to do course correction.
I have to do every action for God’s satisfaction.
Every oar should explore the core.
Every emotion should chase the devotion,
Every thought should sought the God.
When every one is chasing the one,
We attain the unison,
With the eternal one…