OM – The Cosmic Hum

a poem by Haimnauth Ramkirath

Such peace abounds,
In this sound
So sweet, so divine,
In the dance of eternity
It produces the vast creation,
It its myriad splendor and dimensions.

Speech, literature, and learning
And arts and sciences too,
In their many branches
Flowed from this celestial sound,
The prelude to Vedic chants
Prayers and invocations.

Is the creative energy manifest
Yet in its purest essence rests
As that divine cosmic unstruck sound
Unlike any vibration or force around,
Beyond speech, thought and intellect
The destroyer of evil and dense darkness,
The purest of sounds, the voice of God
The highest end, the goal to be sought.

Is all energy and forms
The gentle waves caressing the shores
The cataclysmic unimaginable energy of a supernova
That will take the sun a billion years to deliver,
Particles sub-atomic to galaxies most awesome
The most gross to the subtlest and divine
Are all in this wonderous sound entwined.

Is Pure Consciousness
Absolute Peace,
The vibration of Cosmic Love
The Primordial Sound and Energy,
Past, Present and Future
And what is beyond Time and Space,
The humming sound of God
Permeating all existence,
The breath of our sustenance.

Its symbol replete with meaning
So profound and enlightening,
The lower curve is the waking state
Field of actions and desires so endless,
Deep sleep is the upper curve
Where peace reigns supreme,
The outer curve is the state of dream
Deep and mysterious it seems,
Taking us to realms of splendor or horror
Then to wake up to the familiar.

The dot is the state that illuminates
The bliss of Transcendental Consciousness
Indescribable and Incomprehensible,
Know the curve below the dot as Maya
The veil of illusion
Clouding our intelligence,
Separating us from the soul’s splendor
With darkness and pain to engender.

Is what the seers continually hear
Within and without,
Their senses withdrawn
Like the tortoise taking in its limbs,
The mind at ease and tranquil
Like a flame sheltered from the wind,
Beyond the three-fold consciousness
Such ineffable joy and peace
Suffering and anguish to cease.

Is the stillness of deep space
The cosmic pulsating energy
Of the heavenly bodies,
The sound of the earth
Rotating on its axis,
Indeed, it is hidden in all sounds
As their very quintessence.

Is the whisper and tumult of nature
Reflecting each season’s mood and measure,
The enchanting melody of the nightingale
The waves crashing with furious anger,
The steady frolicsome breeze
To soothe men and beasts.

Seen as nature’s furious fingers
Moving in the clouds
In forked strands of lightning,
Lasting but for an eye’s twinkling
The clap of thunder following,
The gentle falling rains
For lovers to embrace,
The awesome force of Krakatoa
Nature’s fury to remember.

Is the Atma, the very Self,
Beyond birth and death
Symbol of perpetual joy,
The lullaby of the universe,
Sending us to sleep
And then to dream of freedom.