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My Journey

a poem by Abhi

I am wild, unbridled;
Untamed, though many have tried
To tame me.
The rivers of love
Run deep inside me;
So do the rivers of hate.
My mind is like
The wide blue unlimited sky
That stretches across vast expanses.

I feel, I hurt, I bleed;
A vast myriad of emotions
Reside inside me.
They do not know me;
They think I am just another person,
Which I am not.
Passion resides deep inside my heart-
Masked by the appearance of indifference,
Blunted by the exigencies of mundane daily life.

Wounds run deep in my psyche,
They bleed all the time;
But this is visible to none.
Freedom flows deep in my soul
But on the exterior,
Reality seems to limit me.
Seldom has the person come along
Who stripped away this mask
And recognised the real me.

I am restless, I am the seeker
Of exhilarating adventures
Of the mind, body and soul.
What do I bother
What happens around me, or to me?
I know I am secure
Even in the turmoil of
My troubled existence,
Even in the whirlwind of insecurity.

Like the rock-climber
Who pits his strength
Against the highest cliffs,
I know I shall pit my power
Against all these bindings
That threaten my existence;
I shall break free
If not today, then tomorrow;
But someday I surely will.

My mind is constantly pitted
In a struggle
Of living versus existing, but…
The barriers shall fall
Along the way,
Like all else that threatens my living.
Today maybe today,
But tomorrow is another day
That is yet to come;
I shall live the way
That I want to live
Or I shall die trying.