Poems by
Disha Gupta

The Piece of Me

a poem by Disha Gupta

There is one piece of mine,
Who says got out and shine.
But there is one more,
Who says you aren’t worth anymore.

The former is my inner voice,
That teaches me to rejoice.
But I don’t have a choice,
To celebrate my life’s little joys.

Step by step,
I try my best.
But the latter stops me,
From what I want to be.

It shows me my stand,
It brings me on my land
Where the dreams are of becoming a hero,
But I land up being a zero.

Where I have to fight for my right,
Where people do not want to have my sight.
They leave me, abandon me, kill me,
Only because I am a ‘she’.

I am a she,
And I will become what I want to be.
The world outside is a plight,
And I will be fighting my own fight.

I will become what I want to be,
And tomorrow the world shall salute and look up to me.
I am a girl,
And the world shall always cherish me as a pearl.