Poems by
Daksha Shah

The Acceptance

a poem by Daksha Shah

Always taught to hide feelings
And Camouflage the real…
Image was more important
Than the real thing…
Behave the way the unwritten rules told to
Smile was now a permanent mask
Could’nt tell the real from imposter.
Random acts of inexpressing
Soon transformed into an involuntary habit…

Sadness, anger, depression were traits of the weak
The strong always wore the smile…
Tears not meant to be shed
Depression, not even to be mentioned…
Bottled up inside
The feelings struggled to resurface
What was the purpose of their existence
If they were always denied…

The load to much to bear
Heart finally took over…
Shackles of the so called norms broken
Letting lose the wilderness within…
Tears flowed unrelentlessly
Depression was embraced and was no more a taboo…

With everything set free
All that was left was an empty vessel
Ready to filled with new goodies…
With no more check on any emotion
Now love, joy, sorrow all had a platform to showcase

The practical mind finally understood
The human nature was a cocktail of the good and the bad.