Poems by
Celestine Raj Manohar A Dr

To My Darling Wife on Her Birthday (6-1-2015)

a poem by Celestine Raj Manohar A Dr

You’re my princess
My happiness
You’re my life
My dear wife

You’re my sweetheart
My cheerfulness
Angel from above
Who showed what’s true love

I love the things you do
Though I talk less, I love you
God chose you to be mine
You are my soul’s sunshine

You met my wants on time
You made my life wholesome
I can’t imagine a life sans you
My successes to you belong

You’re an amazing lady
May God give you good health
I wish you also wealth
Happy Birthday dear belov’d.

You’re special in every way
’Tis an important day
I thank God for His Mercy today
Mercy, Happy Birthday!

Most lovingly dedicated to my better half
Mrs. Mercy Rajam Caroline B.Sc., B.Ed.